Shining a light on sexual harassment in bars and clubs and the support available!

Research carried out at York St John University shows that sexual harassment happens all too often in nightclubs. All About Respect really want to shine the light on sexual harassment and sexual assault on nights out. We also want to make sure that you know where you can access Support Information.

In March 2019, our student IDAS Co-ordinator led a team of students to take All About Respect on a night out at Fibbers! The student team shone a light on sexual harsasment and sexual assault through giving out out glowsticks, torch keyrings and support information. The team worked hard to raise funds for local charity, IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Service) through glow in the dark face painting.

This unique campaign was really well received and students were keen to join in and support and highlight these very real and important issues.

If you would like to volunteer with All About Respect to run a campaign like this again or you have a new idea you would like to suggest please do get in touch with us:








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