Shining a light on sexual harassment in bars and clubs and the support available!

Research carried out at York St John University shows that sexual harassment happens all too often in nightclubs. All About Respect really want to shine the light on sexual harassment and sexual assault on nights out. We also want to make sure that you know where you can access Support Information.

On Tuesday 12th March, All About Respect will be in Holgate and the SU 10:00-14:00 

Come and see us to  find out more about the support available at YSJ. You can also talk to local support agencies: IDAS, Surive and the SARC. There will be freebies, a student cake sale fundraiser and our NEW! All About Respect laces will be available in the SU!

Our new student IDAS Champions Co-ordinator is leading our campaign on Wednesday 13th March and is taking All About Respect to Fibbers!

The All About Respect team will be shining as much light as they can! Come and grab a torch keyring, glow stick, get your face painted or a glow tattoo and get some support information!

 On Thursday 14th March we are hosting a free film screening of 'The Tale' 

This is a 2018 American drama film written and direceted by Jennifer Fox. It tells the story about Fox`s own childhood sexual abuse and how it affects her later relationships. The screening is open to YSJ staff and students Free tickets and further information on Eventbrite. Support information will be available.





There are two ways you can report something