Bystander Intervention Training

The Intervention Initiative is a bystander programme which aims to empower you to become an active bystander, and be part of the solution in stopping and preventing harassment in your student community.

Have you ever laughed at a joke you thought was inappropriate or cruel? Have you ever been concerned about a friend’s behaviour on a night out but not known how to help? You have been a bystander, and we are all bystanders to human behaviour all the time.

It can be difficult to know how and when to intervene, and help your friends and peers. Yet All students regardless of gender, sexuality and religion “are entitled to enjoy a safe and positive experience at university” (Universities UK, 2016, p. 1).

This hard hitting video from New Zealand gives a strong example of the importance of acting as a bystander. 

*Trigger warning for scenes alluding to sexual violence*

Harassment such as sexual violence, homophobia and racism are a global issue, and university campuses have been identified as environments in which such behaviour is prevalent. Although some harassment may occur in private there are usually numerous opportunities for others, bystanders, to intervene before an assault occurs.

Students can access bystander training sessions here


There are two ways you can report something