Stalking is another form of harassment and is defined as persistent and unwanted attention that makes you feel pestered and harassed.  It includes behaviour that happens two or more times, directed at or towards you by another person, which causes you to feel alarmed or distressed or to fear that violence might be used against you.

Stalking can be particularly hard to cope with because it can go on for a long period of time, making you feel constantly anxious and afraid.  Sometimes the problem can build up slowly and it can take a while for you to realise that you are caught up in an ongoing campaign of abuse.  For more information and support see;

Paladin, the National Stalking Advocacy Service call 0203 866 4104 or email

National Stalking Helpline call 0808 802 0300

If you are concerned for your safety the University Welfare Adviser can discuss with you ways to alert the police to your situation. You can talk in confidence to a University Welfare Adviser.  To arrange an appointment you can email or call 01904 876477 or ask for Welfare at the Student Information Desk in the Holgate Student Centre.


There are two ways you can report something