Due to the Christmas closure period, reports received after 5 pm on the 22nd December 2020 will be responded to when the University is set to reopen on Monday 4th January 2021. If you need help over the Christmas break, then please see the resources available on this site, by visiting the links below. 

Support for Online Harassment


If you are worried for your immediate safety, call 999. 

If you have concerns and it is not an emergency, call 101. 




Both staff and students can report online harassment of any kind through the Report&Support website. We encourage anyone experiencing abuse to get in touch with us, even anonymously, as we cannot tackle what we don't know is happening. 

Just click on 'Report to an Adviser' below and support will be arranged for you. 



If you are being bullied or harassed online:

  • Block/ unfriend the perpetrator
  • Once you have captured them as evidence (e.g. taking screenshots of abusive messages) delete the messages/ images from your social media site
  • Many social media sites have safety pages, where you can report many forms of inappropriate behaviour
  • Stop answering the person's calls, emails, and other messages.
  • Delete the person from your phone and social media accounts and set up a block on that number if possible.

If your personal information has been published online (doxxed), phone the police on 101 for advice on how to manage the situation. 



If you continue getting harassed, keep a record of every incident that occurs.

Keep all email, text, letters and social media correspondence you have received. You can screenshot these to note the dates and times of the incidents. Write down an account of what has happened, noting the date and place of each incident. Keep the names of other people who have witnessed the bullying/harassing behaviour in case you need to ask them to verify your account of what occurred.



Bullying UK offer support and information about cyberbullying. 

Website: https://www.bullying.co.uk/

Helpline: 0808 800 2222.

You can also find advice and resources via Twitter @bullyinguk



Have you had your intimate images shared online without your consent?

You can get support from the Revenge Porn Helpline website: https://revengepornhelpline.org.uk/



Stop Hate UK offer facilities to report hate crime both online and on the phone. 

Website: https://www.stophateuk.org/

Phone: 0800 138 1625


If you have been the vicitm of a hate crime, you are encouraged to report this to North Yorkshire Police on 101.



If you have been raped or sexually assaulted please consider contacting BRIDGE HOUSE. Bridge House is a Sexual Assault Referral Centre providing a dedicated service for men or women who have been raped or sexually assaulted recently or in the past. They offer a safe and welcoming environment and provide emotional and practical support.

Website: https://www.bridgehousesarc.org/

Phone: 0330 223 0362

Email: bridgehouse.sarc@nhs.net


SURVIVE is another local charity dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual abuse, assault and rape.

Website: http://survive-northyorks.org.uk/

Phone: 01904 642830

Email: survive@survive-northyorks.org.uk



IDAS is a charity that provides comprehensive support services to all those experiencing or affected by domestic abuse. Services include refuge accommodation, online and outreach support.

Website: https://www.idas.org.uk/

Free, confidential helpline: 03000 110 110

Email: info@idas.org.uk



There are two ways you can report something