All About Respect

 Consent Matters!

Last year we ran a successful student led campaign which focused on consent. We displayed our student consent designs around campus, handed out information with support information on and offered consent sessions. Local organisations such as the SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre), Survive and IDAS came onto campus to talk to staff and students about their services.

Several societies got involved in the consent campaign, feminist society and Music Production Society both had stalls in Holgate and raised money for IDAS and Survive. Dance performed a consent and relationship based dance in the canteen which was really moving and well received.We also had a huge pledge board to sign in support of the SU and YSJU zero policy to sexual violence, harassment and abuse. 

TV and film students produced and filmed a consent film which featured our very own YSJU student which explored what is consent and was a really effective way of engaging with our comunity on this very important topic.


A person must have the capacity to give free agreement. Capacity is based on the person:

Being the right age

Being sober

Having the mental and physical ability to freely agree

Not being threatened or afraid of harm

Not being detained against their will


If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, you can access support information on our 

support pages and can report any incident, either anonymously or with contact details.




There are two ways you can report something